Monday, February 2, 2009

Hope everybody is doing well! We had some real 'fall' weather today with leaves falling all over the place and an all-day rain. Guess that can only mean one thing...New leaves are starting to bud out...the old leaves are falling all over the azaleas that are blooming!

We're all doing fine, though. Thought you all would enjoy seeing Duke in his real winter coat. It sure has made the others jealous, however 'Baby Boy' is quite the proud one! Around town, the new Medina Medical Plaza(a.k.a Medina's Pizza) is opening for business. Meanwhile, across the street, the Circle K has undergone a facelift inside and outside with a gourmet coffee corner and bistro to go with gas and groceries. Real exciting, isn't it??

We fed the Elders last week and I asked them to come down hard on us because we need to be bolder in opening our mouths. A day or so later, Mom was talking to an old friend who works at St. Cloud Florist and asked her if she'd like to read the Book of Mormon and she told Mom she'd love to. She asked if the missionaries could bring it by, but there are some husband issues, so we'll take it a step at a time.

Here's a morning shot of the lone pine in the back. It was early in the morning and this was one of those rare shots when the light was perfect.

Never forget how proud we are of all of you!

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