Sunday, December 7, 2008

What an absolutely wonderful couple of weeks we've had with everybody home! Sadly, the time passes far too fast and its suddenly time for everyone to go back to school, work, and their own homes. Thanksgiving time reminds us about all of the blessings we have and we all hopefully name 'family' at the top of that list. The 'Proclaimation on the Family' promises, to all, that our greatest happiness and joy in this life comes from our immediate and extended family members. To our children: Mom and I are incredibly proud of each one of you and the good choices you have made and you are the joy of our lives together! To our son-in-laws: We love you like our own and are grateful for the valiant men you are. The new family members and friends you bring have enriched us!

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Rachel and Robert said...

We really miss you guys! I hate that we live SO far away. Maybe someday we'll all be together again!